We Deals in:
Corporate Laws:
SKA has a good team of experienced Company Secretaries/Chartered Accountants and Advocates having vast knowledge of Corporate Laws. The Associates handles incorporations, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and co organization and propones expert counsel on legal problems pertaining to administration, receivership and liquidation. Our advice on the drafting of security documentation, rescue of businesses in pecuniary difficulty, rehabilitation of sick industry, sale, transfer of business and the realization of security have stood our clients in good stead.

We prepare/assist our corporate customers in making their day to day agreements. We furnish advise in matters relating to commercial agreements such as agency, distribution, franchising, licensing, manufacturing and equipment leasing, Hire Purchase, Sale agreements beside solving their all day to day legal problems and litigation.

SKA provides all services to its Corporate Customers in their day to day working. SKA also works as retainer for the Corporate Houses. SKA undertake burden of all legal proceeding instituted by or against the Corporate House irrespective of Civil & Criminal but pertaining to each law of the land for the time being enforce in India. It also undertake international arbitration proceeding on behalf of its Corporate Customers. For Financial Institution, it works in respect of the verification of title deed, search reports in respect of indented property, Trustee and provide all the services incidental to verification of legal title of a property to be mortgage to the Financial Institution or against which any sum (Loan) is to be sanctioned by the Bank. Beside this, the SKA undertake all legal proceeding initiated by or against the Institution, drafting of legal deeds and agreements such as Mortgage, Pledge & equitable mortgage deeds etc and registration of the same before the sub registrar of Assurances.

Corporate Services to New Establishment and Foreign Collaboration/Joint Ventures :
For the New Establishment or Joint Ventures, we arrange foreign partners of their products, arranged collaboration/Joint Venture, prepare and execute Joint Venture/ collaboration agreements. After finalization of collaboration/ Joint venture agreements, we arrange suitable locations for their projects. Arrange permission from Government/Semi-Govt. Departments. D..G.F.T, S.I.A., D.O.E, S.T.C, M.M.T.C, N.E.P.Z., I.D.B.I., I.F.C.I., I.C.I.C.I, Ministry of Industry, Commerce Railway, Finance, Customs, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Agriculture, Environment & Pollution control Boards are some of the worth mentioning areas of our operation. The Banking team of SKA provide in depth information about Banking services, arrange various facilities available from Government and other institutions besides international lending. We prepare Detailed Project Reports, Feasibility reports and arranged Financial Assistance from various Financial Institutions in various forms.

SKA provide services to its clients in Insurance Sectors also. Our counsel in the establishment of the Insurance and related business in India, in dealing with the Government authorities, statutory bodies, in the drafting of Insurance, re-insurance policies and related documents goes a long way in ensuring that the Insurance trade comes to no harm. We assist in arranging survey reports and final claims of the corporate houses besides handling their litigation/ cases pertaining the Insurance claims and MACT claims.

Like foreign Countries, the consumers of India have also become aware of their rights while purchasing any material or services and the Govt. by enactment of Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and amending its from time to time have made it more popular among the Indian Customer/Consumers. We handle litigation in the above field, including the complaints regarding unfair trade practices and restrictive trade practices before the MRTP Commission.

The use and enjoyment of property to the fullest and in an unrestricted manner, is a proposition fraught with pitfalls and portholes. SKA endeavors to ensure that our clients avail of unfettered and peaceful enjoyment of tenancy or ownership rights.

We provide consultation in the field of the legal aspects of acquisition, financing and disposal of freehold and lease hold land and properties; property development and management. The services of SKA include drafting of deeds and agreements relating to the proper and effective management of property - leases, sale agreements, powers of attorney etc.

We offer cogent advice and assistance on lease renewals and surrenders, rent review negotiations, registration of documents, as also regarding general landlord and tenant relations. We possess extensive experience of litigation in this area of the law.

The concept of Intellectual Property in India and all over the world has been enveloped by an aura of sacrosanct and virtually impregnable propriety. This shooting awareness has made Patents, TradeMarks, Copyrights, Designs, Transfer of Technologies so tangible in property terms. Old and antiquated laws have given way to new laws for the registration and protection of these rights, here in India and all over. SKA provides essential and much in demand services in this filed of law:
  • Registration and maintenance of rights through out the world.
  • Worldwide monitoring of misappropriation of client's proprietary rights.
  • Advice on acquisition, sale and licensing of the rights.
  • Drafting and negotiating a wide range of contracts in relation to these rights, namely domestic and foreign product distribution agreement and assignment and licensing agreements, agreements relating to purchasing, selling and perfecting interests in intellectual properties as a part of take-over of restructuring, advertising, telemarketing and promotional industry agreements know-how and trade-secrets agreements.
  • Handling disputes and litigation of any nature, involving our clients intellectual property rights before all forums in India and abroad.
SKA also deals in privacy and libel litigation beside piracy of Media and Entertainment films and floppies and other Electronic Media publications. We are well conversant with satellite/ cable network disputes including disputes pertaining to Films and Entertainment pre printed materials.

SKA deals in National and International Arbitration matters. With the liberalization of Government Policies lot of Multinationals have arranged collaboration or Joint venture with Indian Firms. The one of the major clause of all Joint Venture agreement or Collaboration agreement conclude with the Arbitration Clause. For any disputes between the parties, they prefer to settle their disputes through Arbitration that too at the venue of their Original place in abroad. Thus clause of Arbitration arises in these agreement. SKA has expertise in Indian and International arbitration and always take care of their clients in this regard.

Maintaining the ecological balance has become an onerous task in which every body whether an individual or a business house, contributes his might to the protection of the precarious environment. We arrange ISO in this regard to our client firm and deal all the problems in respect of environmental law.

We provide Sales Tax, Entry Tax, Works Tax, Service Tax and Income Tax Services for our corporate Customers. The SKA arrange registration of Commercial Tax/ Sales Tax beside all other requisite registration which may be require for a corporate house like service tax, PF, ESI, Factory Registration, Registration of Standing orders, Unions and Management Association. We also do Income Tax for our corporate Firm and the employees of Corporate establishment. Beside we deal in appeals before Commissioner, (CIT), Tribunal and High Courts.

Beside these specialised field, we undertake all works related to Civil & Criminal litigation and provide the full range of strategic, contractual and litigation advice with great aplomb and moral virtue.

We look forward to putting our experience and skills to use for your organisation.